From the Calovini Family, part of the family since 2010.
Dear Parma Family Martial Arts Center:

We just want to thank you for continuing to provide us with a safe, fun and challenging physical outlet for our Reece.

He and I first got a glimpse into the great work you do during an Old World Parma Trick or Treat event.  Reece was fascinated by the families working out together, and really excited about all the kicking!

A year or so later, he kept noticing a Tae Kwon Do class going on in the Seven Hills Recreation Center, as he was leaving his Learning to Swim class.  After begging his Dad to stop and watch a few times, he begged his Dad to allow him to join the martial arts class, instead of swimming.

Reece took to martial arts.  He has always been a physical kid.  Tae Kwon Do allowed him to channel his activity.  It also allows him to focus his mental energy into listening and discipline.  He works to remember his forms and enjoys trying to get his introductions, just right.

Soon, we transferred from the Rec Center classes to attending the PFMAC, so he could go to more lessons and explore the fitness class and sparring.  He would go every night, if he could. 

The Center is bright, the people are all friendly and welcoming.  The instructors are demanding, but fair, and they push Reece to do his best and praise him when he does.  We have felt comfortable, as parents, with every aspect of his training.

I never expected a seven year old to be so absorbed in an activity, but Tae Kwon Do and the atmosphere at Parma Family Martial Arts Center suit him, perfectly. 

We are so happy to have found you and recommend the Center to other families, often.


The Calovini Family


Parma Family Martial Arts Center

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