Parma Family Martial Arts Center

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Competition Fitness Classes

Competing in taekwondo matches and forms competitions are very hard work and these classes are set up to prepare students individually for competitions. 

  • KIDS COMPETITION FITNESS CLASS: We work on everything that a beginner needs to know to compete.  How you enter and exit the ring for forms and for sparring, what you do when the match is over, and work very hard to prepare physically for the competitions too!  This class is for anyone, not just those who have a desire to compete but it also is good to instill healthy exercise habits.
  • TEEN AND ADULT COMPETITION FITNESS CLASS:   Focuses more on what it takes to compete as an adult.  This class meets simultaneously with adult fitness class so it is ideal for anyone in any fitness level.  
  • ADULT FITNESS CLASS:  NO MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! This class meets simultaneously with the competition class but is ideal for any fitness level. We make sure every fitness level has an activity that their body is comfortable with; from beginner to advanced! Every class we work on a different muscle group or exercise style such as upper body, lower body, cardio, circuit training and many more.                                                                                                                           


Haedong Kumdo is another type of Korean martial art.  Kumdo translates to "Sword Way" and involves learning traditional sword techniques and basic sword sparring. 

This class is for students ages 10 and older.  You do not have to be enrolled in our Taekwondo program to enroll in our Kumdo program.  

Taekwondo / Hapkido

Taekwondo and hapkido are Korean style martial arts. Our well rounded curriculum incorporates traditional classes, practical application classes, and competition sparring which makes this program good for all ages of students.  

  • TINY TAEKWONDO:  A great class for all of our beginners ages 3-6 years old.  We work a lot on basic techniques, improving body control, and basics of why respect, discipline, honor, and courage are so important.
  • KIDS TAEKWONDO:  Geared for ages 5-13, this class has a mix of ages and belt ranks so everyone can learn at their pace.  We focus on improving our techniques, learning advanced skills, and two classes per week focus on self defense and practical application.
  • TEEN AND ADULT TAEKWONDO:  If you are looking to improve your fitness level, learn traditional martial arts, or become a great competitor we are the place for you.  We have classes six days a week to work around your schedule.  And if you are looking to get more that just martial arts we have great opportunities for teens to become leaders in our school and in our communities.